Compact eye-safe microchip laser source

Novel phosphate glass compositions for an ultra-compact eye-safe amplifier

Integrate seed laser and power amplifier into a compact LIDAR source

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Seminar on “Passive Phase-Locking and Coherent Combining of Lasers”, 15 March 2018 3:00 pm, Turin (Italy). More information in the Newsroom section.
CompAct eye-safe LIdar source for AirBorne lasER scanning
The project develops a miniaturized version of the LIDAR source, by integrating a new microchip seed laser and a new power amplifier in a Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) configuration, which combines high output powers and high quality optical characteristics
Continuous high-resolution monitoring of borders and sensitive infrastructures, such as overseas gas extraction platforms, power plants and maritime ports, is of paramount importance

CALIBER will enable LIDAR systems to be mounted on small/medium UAVs and offer significant advantages in the field of surveillance and security

Project execution
CALIBER brings together heterogeneous and complementary expertise of four research centres